Introducing the new MAST Accreditation Doula

Hello Midwifery Educators and Welcome!

My name is Michelle Gober, and I recently joined M.A.S.T. as the new Accreditation Doula. When the opportunity arose to join MEAC and AME in their efforts to support midwifery schools through accreditation, I immediately knew I would be a great fit. I am a practicing midwife, and graduate of a MEAC accredited school.

As more midwives are being called to work towards a better future for birthing families, closing the gaps in maternity care for those most affected by inconsistencies and inequity, midwifery programs that meet the highest standards for education are a must.

My goals for M.A.S.T. are to bring useful tools and resources to those educators and schools ready to take the next step towards accreditation. For the schools already accredited, I hope to encourage and entice you to join the M.A.S.T. program as consultants for new schools, sharing your experience and expertise.

I have created a needs assessment for the M.A.S.T Program, and would love your input. First, I will be updating the website with resources, FAQ’s, news & events, and success stories-I invite and encourage you to share yours! I have also created a facebook page for schools inquiring about accreditation to communicate with me and each other. Like and follow at

From there, I hope to provide support and encouragement to the midwifery community on the journey to accreditation. I can be reached at, and through the facebook page messenger. I look forward to working with all of you.